What is Behaviour Change?

Why is falling for fake news so easy despite all the warnings? Why do we carry high-interest debt even when we have the means to pay it off? Why are there so many browser tabs open on your screen right now even though digital clutter is so stressful?

The answers to these questions – and so many other perplexities of human behaviour – are the domain of behavioural science.

Once upon a time, we believed human beings were logical creatures, capable of making good decisions and acting in our own best interests.

Today, we know better.

Thanks to breakthroughs in behavioural research, we’ve been able to peer at the inner workings of our decision-making processes – and instead of logic and reason, we’ve found a tangle of biases and cognitive pitfalls that lead to irrational and even harmful behaviours.

The Good News?

We have effective tools at our disposal to steer those behaviours in a more desirable direction.

At BCA, we mine insights from behavioural research to illuminate what really motivates human actions.

Then, we add rigorous data analysis and a range of creative strategies to develop behavioural and communication solutions that improve decision-making and create better outcomes for customers, employees and citizens.

Halo effect bias
Our ability to make accurate evaluations of people is affected by our tendency to allow a single trait to influence how we feel about other aspects of that person

“If you like the president’s politics, you probably like his voice and his appearance as well.”

– Daniel Kahneman

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