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Whether it’s steering your company’s employees towards healthier habits, working with non-profits to boost charitable giving or helping brands reach their full potential, we’re always excited to take on new communication and behaviour-change challenges.

Data Science &
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behavioural research and testing

What makes effective behavioural solutions possible? It starts with a comprehensive understanding of the problem at hand. At BCA, we develop rigorous testing frameworks that allow us to gather accurate data about individual and group behaviours – and then transform that data into effective strategies.

Behavioural science allows us to understand the factors that influence people’s behaviour, and those insights can be deployed to make positive changes in a range of contexts – from government policy to business performance. BCA’s strategies are always based on rigorous testing and underpinned by empirical evidence, so we can clearly measure their impact on behaviour.

An accurate understanding of your customers’ habits and motivations is at the heart of any effective brand strategy. Our behavioural insights and communication solutions help best position brands to successfully drive consumer behaviour change.

In a world transformed by technology, digital products – from websites and social channels to apps and wearables – offer exciting new opportunities for implementing behaviour-change interventions. BCA can help you take advantage of these trends to reach your organisational and business goals.

BCA offers tailor-made workshop and training solutions that help businesses and organisations understand the fundamentals of behavioural science, and learn the skills needed to apply those insights in their particular context.

More Case Studies

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Food Forward

South Africa faces a significant food waste problem, with 10.3 million tonnes wasted annually, 27% occurring at the primary production level. Efforts to address this issue are scant, risking ineffective strategies. Implementing behavioural interventions to this problem at this level is often overlooked; however, it holds immense potential. BCA, on behalf of The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Food Forward, conducted research to understand farmer behaviour regarding food waste. This research aims to inform policymakers and institutions to develop behaviourally informed initiatives for waste reduction on farms and enhance consumer understanding of production processes related to food waste.

Word of Mouth (WOM)

In South Africa, where 34.9% of the population is unemployed and informal settlements witness 70% of disposable income leaving, economic challenges loom large, particularly for youth, of whom 43.8% are unemployed. The formal economy's failure to engage young South Africans often drives them to the informal sector, exacerbating their marginalisation. Word of Mouth (WOM) aims to address this disparity through a marketplace. BCA conducted a behavioural audit and qualitative research to analyse WOM's partner needs, uncovering reasons for drop-off and barriers to entry. BCA's development of five behavioural personas offers insights into partner success predictors and identifies challenges aligned with WOM's business goals.

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