Our team of behavioural scientists and economists, digital experts, data scientists and creative professionals is driven by a shared vision: to see our work contributing to better businesses, communities and governments.

Pat Govender
Managing Director

MSc (Behavioural Science)


The founder of BCA, Pat is an expert in behavioural interventions that shape how we think, feel, act and make decisions. He has over 30 years of experience crafting communications and behaviour-change programmes.

Esme Smith
Deputy Managing Director

BSocSci Hons (Psychology)

BAdmin Hons


With a strong background in organisational development, Esme heads up operations and the management of BCA’s behaviour-change projects. Her keen eye for detail and strategic planning skills help to elevate our campaigns.

Oscar Mehlwana

BA (Media & Communication)

BA Hons (Brand Leadership)

Oscar has over 12 years’ experience as a strategist working on various public and private sector accounts. His practical approach, combined with a focus on behaviour-change TTL strategies, contributes to the unique value he adds to the team. He has a passion for building sustainable brands and an intuitive understanding of what makes consumers tick.

Lori Gie
Executive Creative Director

NDip (Film & Television)

With over 30 years of experience in her industry, Lori has a nuanced understanding of how good design and strategic visual communications can be powerful tools for changing behaviour.

Dr Anam Nyembezi
Behavioural Medicine Specialist

PhD (Work and Social Psychology)

Dr Anam Nyembezi works closely with our managing director and our strategist to craft cutting edge behavioural interventions. His work as a senior lecturer at University Western Cape, School of Public Health brings practical approaches into our sphere of behavioural science.

Brian Palmer
Digital Specialist

BA Hons (Graphic Design)

A specialist in online audience behaviour and innovative digital thinking, Brian focuses on using digital tools to nudge users towards better, smarter choices.

Reshni Singh
Creative Quality Assurance

BA (English & Psychology)
BA Hons (Psychology)

With a background in corporate training and language skills development for professionals, Reshni is a language specialist with a bent for its technical usage (grammar officer) and how it can be applied to create more impactful copy for behavioural change initiatives.

Stanford Mujuta
Behavioural Economist

BA (Development Studies)

BCom Hons (Economics)

MCom (Economics)

An award-winning behavioural economist, Stanford has honed his skills in “nudge” territory, where economics meets psychological insight to illuminate the human decision-making process.

Kelly Starzak

BSocSci (Psychology)

BA Hons (English Studies)

With over ten years of experience as a writer, editor and content creator for both print and digital media, Kelly is interested in how the language and tone of the stories we tell can shape our thoughts and behaviours.

Lebo Mocwane
Accounts Manager

Lebo Mocwane is a brand communication specialist with extensive through-the-line experience in the creative industry. With over a decade’s experience in integrated brand communication, she has worked across government; telecommunications; financial services; retail and brand portfolios.

Johann van der Nest
Behavioural Strategist

MCom (Organisational Psychologist)

Registered Psychologist, Johann’s experience stems from a background in Organisational Psychology, applied behavioural science, and advertising strategy with a diverse experience working across the design of products and services, consulting for organisational change and development and communications.

Julian Richardson
Digital Designer

As BCA’s digital designer, Julian loves to see creativity, digital tools and behavioural insights working together for maximum visual impact.

Aidan Classe
Senior Programmer and Web Developer

Multimedia Diploma
City Varsity, Cape Town

With more than twenty years in the digital arena, Aidan has worked with top agencies in Cape Town and abroad. He has extensive experience in digital campaigns, forming part of the core digital team for BCA’s creative, communications and development.

Kara Engelbrecht
Behavioural Data Analyst

BA (Psychology)

BSocSci Hons (Psychological Research)

MA (Psychological Research)


With a background in psychology and research methodology, Kara is interested in understanding how psychological factors impact on human behaviour and decision-making, and the role environment plays in these processes.

Leverne Gething

MPhil (Science & Technology Journalism)

A versatile writer and editor extraordinaire, Leverne headed corporate communications at the South African Medical Research Council for ten years and is a consulting editor for the feminist journal Agenda.

Sidley du Preez
Project Manager

Sidley has extensive experience across the Corporate, Consulting and Creative industries. She has worked on Strategy, Brand, Marketing Communications and Digital projects across the B2B and B2C markets. Sidley has extensive experience with Business Owners across the Startup, Emerging and Large business sectors - she understands the strategic thinking and focused approach required to deliver innovative creative solutions that result in an exceptional ROI to client.

Merylle Bailey
Senior Graphic Designer

NDip (Graphic Design)

Entrepreneur Development Programme Certificate

As an entrepreneur and graphic designer, Merylle instinctively recognises the aspiration behind a creative brief and is able to connect a marketing purpose with a corporate objective to deliver creative excellence. With more than 17 years of experience she guides the creative direction, concept development, layout, visual brand development and production of projects at agencies, NGOs, government and with leading national retail brands.

Dan Gregory
‍Behavioural Economist

BSocSci (Psychology and Economics)
MSc (Behavioural Economics)

With a background in behavioural research, Dan is interested in applying psychological insights to further understand the scientific dynamics of human decision-making and behaviour.

Vanashree Chetty
Content Creative

BJourn (Journalism)

As a wordsmith and content creative, Vanashree is passionate about crafting engaging ‘campaignable’ content that challenges thinking and inspires behavioural change.

Anton Wrisberg
Behavioural Scientist

BSc (business adm. and project mgmt.)
MA (cognitive science)

With an understanding of both the practical and theoretical implications of decision making processes, Anton is interested in how interventions can shape decisions with a special interest in testing and measuring the effects of interventions.

Marole Mathabatha
Digital Strategist

MBA (Wits Business School)
BSc Honours (Urban and Regional Planning)

Drawing from over 10 years of digital marketing experience, Marole is one of the country’s leading industry specialists. His experience spans academic, entrepreneurial, corporate and public sector organisations. He brings to the table diverse knowledge areas that makes him a unique thinker with growing expertise in using behavioural science to unlock great digital interventions.

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