#6. 'Stop talking kak about our country.' - Rassie Erasmus

Featured on Chasing the Sun 2

May 2024

Freedom Day is a celebration and reminder that South Africa is a nation that embodies hope. It’s a day to honour the struggle for equality and unity in our diversity while shaping a future that is alive with attainable possibilities.

The Fuel for Progress

Hope isn't just wishful thinking; it's a powerful force that drives us forward, much as South Africa's victory in last year's Rugby World Cup inspired a nation, as captured in Chasing the Sun 2. Behavioural science shows that hope motivates us, pushing us to overcome obstacles, dream big and reach our goals. When you embrace hope, you're not just wishing for a better tomorrow – you're actively working towards creating it.

Building Hope | From Collective Memory to Collaborative Action
‘The people carried us through that World Cup... although there weren’t there we felt [them] there.’ – Rassie Eramus
Rassie’s sentiments, paraphrased above, are backed by behavioural science:
•The framing effect | How we view challenges matters. If someone is talking kak about Mzansi don’t sommer agree – it’s not an obstacle; it’s an opportunity to build hope. By looking at strides we've made and seeing the potential ahead, we turn hope into our superpower for success.
•Social proof | Less kak, more kiff. Seeing others work for a better future inspires us. Whether you’re a Springbok, street sweeper or school teacher, sharing our SA stories with each other ignites hope – and encourages everyone to join in.
•The power of small wins | Small victories matter! Celebrating them keeps us motivated and moving forward. By living ‘local is lekker’ –  whether it’s running a local project, spurring on community efforts or a simple act of kindness – we ignite a ripple effect of hope.

Every spark of hope can lead us to a brighter future!

Delivering on Hope | From Inspiration to Action
The science behind moving from hope to action and into real progress:
•Identify your passion | What sparks hope for you? Education, poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability? There are countless areas where your passion can make a difference.
•Check for your chommies | Connect and collaborate with like-minded people to amplify the impact.
•Start small and act consistently | Start small, make a difference! Whether it's volunteering or mentoring, every small step can bring big change. A million small acts of kindness can transform a nation.

The Flame of Hope | A Shared Responsibility
Let’s actively choose hope and togetherness this Freedom Day, going beyond celebration, and recommit to shaping South Africa into the rainbow nation it promises to be. Every spark of hope can lead us to a brighter future!

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