Transformative Approaches to Mental Health in the SADC Region

Our Inspiring Journey at the iMPAC Symposium

April 2024

What an exhilarating experience it was to present our vision for transforming mental health care in the SADC region at the recent iMPAC Symposium! We’re still riding the wave of enthusiasm and inspiration from the event. Here’s a quick recap and a call to action for all who share our passion:

Engagement Highlights

Pioneering Solutions: We shared how integrating African expressive arts with behavioural technology could revolutionise health-seeking behaviours, making mental health care accessible and culturally resonant.

Ubuntu in Action: Our presentation underscored the power of community and collaboration, inspired by the Ubuntu philosophy. This approach sparked meaningful conversations and potential partnerships, illustrating the communal spirit in mental health innovation.

Future Collaborations Sparked: The symposium wasn’t just a platform for sharing; it was a nexus for future projects and partnerships. The interest and feedback we received have opened doors to exciting behavioural science collaborative opportunities.

We’re looking for partners, collaborators, and anyone moved by our mission.

A Heartfelt Thanks: To each attendee, participant, and organiser – your engagement has not only enriched the symposium but has also fuelled our commitment to making a difference in the SADC region’s mental health landscape.

We Want to Hear from You!

What are your thoughts on integrating traditional practices with modern technology in mental health care?

Have you seen the power of community in action in your own mental health initiatives?

Join Us on This Transformative Journey: We’re looking for partners, collaborators, and anyone moved by our mission. If you’re ready to contribute, connect, or simply want to learn more, reach out. Let’s make mental health care in the SADC region inclusive, effective, and innovative together.

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