#1. Introducing ‘Behavioural Bytes’

Decoding the ‘Why’ Behind Our Choices

April 2024

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Behavioural Bytes – a weekly blog for curious minds, business leaders and listeners, and worldwide wonderers – where we delve into the world of behavioural science insights. Travel with us each week as we begin our ‘byte-sized’ journey into the fascinating world of behavioural insights, a journey of actionable takeaways you can apply to governance, your business and everyday life.

Slip into your superpower suit and get ready to be surprised, challenged and empowered by the science of ‘why’.

We will unpack the hidden triggers that influence our choices, uncover the psychology behind various biases and explore how understanding human behaviour can be a superpower in your personal and professional life. We will go beyond the personal drivers of behaviour and also look at the systemic drivers of human behaviour -– unravelling the powerful role of context. So slip into your superpower suit and get ready to be surprised, challenged and empowered by the science of ‘why’. 

Why Behavioural Bytes?

Understanding human behaviour is the key to unlocking success both professionally and personally. Behavioural science provides powerful tools to influence decision-making, build stronger relationships and navigate the complexities of the human mind.

What can you expect?

Weekly behavioural bytes | Each week we will tackle a captivating behavioural insight, diving deep into the science behind why we do what we do and sometimes, we might even explore those curious quirks that make us human.

Actionable insights | We won't just explore the ‘why’, we will also translate these behavioural insights into practical tips you can use to supercharge your business strategies, communication style and overall decision-making.

Lively discussions | This is where you come in. We encourage your active participation, so please share your thoughts, experiences and questions in the comments. Let's make this a conversation and journey of behavioural discovery together.

So, join the conversation and let's explore the fascinating world of behavioural science together.

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